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Takeoff Services

Framing Takeoffs

Our Framing Takeoff service takes your provided plans and converts them into a list of the framing components for the project. This includes studs, wall plates, sheathing, rafters, floor framing, and siding.

Whole House Takeoffs

Need more than just the framing components? Our Whole House Takeoff includes everything from our Framing Takeoff plus drywall, insulation, roofing, windows and doors.

EWP Specifications

EWP Placement Plans

We provide non-designed EWP material lists at a reduced rate in our PrebuiltML software. We can also produce placement plans in the proprietary software of your choice. (Javelin, BC-Framer, Solutions)

EWP Design Plans

Our EWP design service provides a complete solution for the floor cavity. Each component of the floor system, including joists, beams, hangers, etc., is designed and analyzed in the appropriate software for your stocked material.

Combined Services

Precision Estimating offers a Combined Service to include both the building material take-off and the designed engineered wood material list and layout. Performing these services under one roof allows us to coordinate our work and eliminate duplicated material. You send your project to one location to receive everything you need.