Helping you serve your Dealers better.

As a leading provider of technical support services to dealers across America, we’ve learned how to compliment your team with our flexible service models.

Waste Not, Want Not

When a fixed services resource capacity meets seasonal demands, waste tends to abound. Precision Estimating helps minimize those losses by providing cost effective and on-demand outsourcing services that you can leverage in the busy times while maintaining a smaller staff when things are slow. The result? –  more capacity during peak season and minimal expenses in the off seasons. The perfect combination.

More Than Just a List

We understand that from your position in the supply chain, it is not just the list that matters, it is the ability to support that list throughout the process. That is why when you partner with us,  you can count on us to understand the process and extend our support all the way to the end. We also know that you may have unique needs, and we are positioned to assist you and help solve the problems that are unique to your client base.

Confidentiality Is Our Priority

We consider the safety of your information a priority. From plans received, to project requests, to the final output, any information obtained from you or gained through the services you’ve requested is kept confidential. We have strict internal guidelines in place to ensure this and our customers have come to trust this for decades.