Get to know us.

Our Roots

At Precision Estimating we have our roots in a small framing crew that worked out in the real world in all kinds of weather in southwest Washington back in the 1990’s.  After some years of field experience, the business shifted focus to providing material takeoffs for construction projects.  Starting with the needs in our local northwest market, we quickly expanded to serve customers across the 50 States, ranging from “big box” stores to “mom and pop” lumber yards and Distributor Sales professionals. 

Our Product

When it comes to our “deliverable”, what we provide to our customers is tailored to the specific market and needs that they service.  Our aim is to generate more than just a material list.  Whether we are counting the deck materials for a small residential home or laying out a complex engineered wood floor system for a large multi-family project, we look to provide a comprehensive takeoff package, complete with detailed notes, visuals, and supporting documents to help make your sales team more effective in their selling process.

Our Tools

While performing takeoffs has always been our thrust, since our outset we have developed several software platforms “in-house” to help us serve our customers more effectively.  We believe our takeoff tool to be so effective for the Lumber take-off industry that we have made it available on the open market starting in 2013.  Through our ongoing use and development we have refined this into the offering that we now call PrebuiltML – a complete takeoff program built toward efficiently producing shippable material lists for projects of all sizes.  This has now expanded into additional supporting tools and related versions.  We invite you to check it out and see if it might be as useful to your business as it is to ours.

Our Business

Despite our software development endeavors, today our core business remains providing estimating services to the building industry.  Every month our team puts out millions of square feet of takeoffs for both new and repeat customers alike.  We look forward to learning about your business and providing you with the tools and resources to make you more effective in your sales process.