More Services for More Business

We know that everyone doesn’t have the same needs and that’s why we’ve built our business around providing each of our clients with the services they actually need, when they need them. And since every one of our clients is different, we offer three service levels each with their own advantages.

Explore our service level offerings below:

On Demand – No commitment, pay as you go

Precision Estimating helps minimize loses by providing cost effective, on-demand services to compliment your service group. The result? –  more capacity during peak seasons and minimal expenses on off seasons. The perfect combination.

Guaranteed Volume –  Don’t get stuck in the weeds

We understand the challenges surrounding staffing. This is why the majority of our work is in contractual relationships. You determine the amount of work you want us to staff for, and we guarantee we will get it done – every time. This allows you to staff properly internally, and have confidence that your over flow work will be done when you need it.

Dedicated Assistance – There are a lot of benefits with commitment

Have you joined other successful groups in recognizing it is less expensive to outsource the majority of your work and just maintain a small effective internal team? If you are you ready to grow your business, we are here to help. No matter how large your service capacity, we can be staffed to handle it.  Your work will be prepared in the format you need with the quality you desire, and with the priority require.