Helping you service the Builder better.

Need the right material to be on time? At Precision Estimating we know what it takes to make the job go well.  Which is why we deliver an accurate material list that has the products you need, in the correct shipping pack, completed in a timely fashion.

Know the Project Better

Every project comes with its own set of questions to answer and problems to solve. With every material list we create, we also provide a comprehensive list of discrepancies, potential problems, oversights and just about anything that we think may cause jobsite delays or waste. It’s what we do and our customers have come to depend on it.

Help When You Need It

Precision Estimating is specialized in generating lists and layouts that bring clarity to the project. The framers who receive our output know what products are to be used in each application, with reports that even clarify the cut-logic used for all of the specific material lengths delivered to the job site.

Confidentiality Is Our Priority

We consider the safety of your information a priority. From plans received, to project requests, to the final output, any information obtained from you or gained through the services you’ve requested is kept confidential. We have strict internal guidelines in place to ensure this and our customers have come to trust this for decades.