Helping you get your product onto more jobsites.

Precision Estimating provides on-demand and full service takeoff and engineered wood layouts for manufacturers across America. By partnering with us they gain cost effective service plans and the delivery of a quality product in a timely manner.

Getting Your Product Out There

As a Manufacturing Rep you’ve got to get your products to the jobsite.  This requires you to pull your products through each position in the building industry supply chain. Let us support you in that process, by calling the specific product types that match your preferences and then handing those specifications off to the key decision makers further along in the supply chain.

Meeting the Real Need Your Staffing Levels

As a manufacturer, no doubt you are looking to provide great service to Distributors and Dealers.  Through our years of servicing these types of clients, we have observed two key needs that these businesses face.  First, they are in a constant tug-of-war between having enough staff to meet the high demand for their estimating/take off services in the busy season and being overstaffed in the off season.   Second, they all have a unique client base with varying needs that they must support.  Keeping track of and implementing all of these different preferences and requirements is challenging to say the least!  At Precision, our team is well suited to service these challenges effectively as an overflow-work outsourcing solution that has devised practical strategies for remembering and handling unique customer preferences.

Confidentiality Is Our Priority

We consider the safety of your information a priority. From plans received, to project requests, to the final output, any information obtained from you or gained through the services you’ve requested is kept confidential. We have strict internal guidelines in place to ensure this and our customers have come to trust this for decades.