Helping you get your product onto more jobsites.

Precision Estimating provides on-demand and full service takeoff and engineered wood layouts for manufacturers across America. They use us because we offer cost effective service plans and deliver a quality product in a timely manner.

Getting Your Product Out There

As a Manufacturing Rep you’ve got to get your products on the job. This requires you to pull your products through each position in the building industry supply chain. Using your custom settings, our unique report system gives you the control to insure that your products make it to the job.

Manage your Staffing Levels

During this process, you should be mindful of two challenges that continually face Distributors, Dealers, and Framers. First, they all have a unique client base with varying needs that they must support. This requires their work to be tailored to meet the demands of their clients. Second, they must manage the unpredictable and varying demand for their service with the fixed resources of their team. Ironically, if their only resources are full-time in-house drafters, they are staffed at the wrong level 100% of the time.

Confidentiality Is Our Priority

We consider the safety of your information a priority. From plans received, to requests to the final output, any information obtained from you or gained through the services you’ve requested are kept confidential. We have strict internal guidelines to ensure this and our customers for over 15 years have come to trust it.